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Line sheet for retail stone jewellery

If you have an interest in getting me to make you an item with your own stone, below are the most popular designs that I make. The price is the same as for my own shop collection with the exception of working with tricky stones, where a surcharge of £20 will be added, but I’d confirm that first😊  I have lots of information about how to pick the right stone on my website page titled ‘Info on picking stones’. Please send me a message first and I’ll tell you where to post your stones.
Recent posts

More Than A Half Life

 I’ve been working in a new project called ‘More Than A Half Life’ which deal with nuclear heritage and I have until the end of May to have it completed. One of the main strands I’m concentrating on is the route to work. Dounreay workers not only travel from all over the county but also travel up and down from the south every week. Last week I took my bike out to cover the last ten miles of the route to photograph aspects of the view that many had mentioned to be their favourite part of their journey to work. Below is a link where you can purchase many of my photographs

Chunky rings for big knuckles

 Having a studio open to the public and a workshop teaching jewellery making classes, I often have conversations with ladies who find it hard to get the right ring to fit over their knuckles, in most cases due to arthritis.  I had taken on commissions in the past when asked to make wide or chunky rings that fit over bigger knuckles, with stones on top, and found that due to the ring having to be bigger to go over the knuckle, coupled with the fact that you need to go up at least half a size for wider rings, the stone on top would never stay put and roll back and forth. These days, having learned from this, I now recommend that if you want to wear wider rings, you buy stacking rings and that way you can remove them one at a time from the finger, you can wear smaller sizes than wide bands and depending on the design you can mix and match the configuration to make it interesting. Here’s the rings I wear every day, I remade my original wedding band to incorporate a beach stone to update my

Scottish Landscape Awards, City Art Centre, Edinburgh 2023

The inaugural Scottish Landscape Awards opening night at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh, organised by The Scottish Arts Trust was a very special night for everyone. I for one was very proud to have two pieces shortlisted and just pleased to be included. We all felt part of something exciting and the exhibition work did not disappoint. I’m going to go back to Edinburgh to visit again, to read all the write ups for each piece which enhances the experience of such a diverse show, the catalogues are £15 and definitely worth buying.  The night was so overwhelming with a feast of creativity to absorb that I only scraped the surface and can’t wait to go back. My work ‘At The Junction To The Hill Of Forss’ was created on a handmade scratchboard using acrylic, then encaustic wax, then Indian ink, which as you can imagine is not an easy medium to cover wax. The ink had to be rubbed continuously until it ‘took’ then cured for 48 hours before scratching into it. The picture was created from a ph

Sketches this month (october)

 It’s finally here! My creative urge that is. When lockdown happened and we had all the time in the world to be creative, I felt no desire to make or create and this continued for a long time.  My boys have flown the nest and there’s a spare room now, that helps. I have all my materials and I intend on using them, with the intention of it feeding back into my scratch art. So here are a few daily ‘sketches’ or creations that I’m excited to explore further -

Cancelled trip to Stroma

 Another cancelled boat trip over to Stroma this weekend, I guess that’s to be expected at this time of year but I was hoping for a break in the weather having had tropical weather only a few weeks ago. I headed over to the east side to visit my favourite spot with friends instead. Berriedale has everything you’d want for a Sunday day out, a nice cafe, beautiful, quiet, sheltered scenery and a nice selection of stones to choose from. I took a few photos and went home to sketch them. I am trying to take real notice of what it is I like about my art and keep coming back to high contrast and monochromatic imagery. I want to add more colour into my work but having not taken art as a subject at school and had little formal tuition at Edinburgh College of Art before joining the jewellery department, I still have a lot to learn. In the meantime, drawing with small elements of colour will suffice. Another favourite image is this view, the approach to my house. My friend calls it ‘Ferm-core-nur

Finding your joy

 I recently started the 8 day free taster course by Louise Fletcher and it’s been a revelation for me. I don’t say this lightly, I’ve been experimenting with different medium for years now to balance the pernickety scratchboard work that I do. And what I’ve noticed is I do something, like it, don’t do it again, and then try another material. I’ve been doing this for years and not really moving forward. What Louise said yesterday in the Q&A’s was that she feels insulted that people get annoyed at themselves when they can’t do a good painting they like after a week; does that mean they think successful artists find it easy, that they don’t put the work in; would you expect a doctor to be a good doctor after studying one term? From my point of view, I think I’ve been hard on myself for not making the new art that I want, using new medium finding it tricky and just put it off until I feel the inspiration. (That hasn’t come back since before lockdown 2019!) But today, I got up before wo

Special Wedding Jewellery

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your fiance on your wedding day? Do you have a special place that means something to your both? Where you got engaged, your first holiday, your family's garden... I've been making jewellery incorporating customers stones for many year's now and it still feels special to me when I hand over a nicely polished pair of silver and stone cufflinks, or a pendant, ring or earrings.  It doesn't need to be a fabulous colourful pebble, I've made mudstone from the bottom of a loch look nice!   If you'd like me to make you a handcrafted, bespoke piece of jewellery for your wedding day, the process is very straight forward :- -      Send me an quick email to confirm details of what you want me to make, the date it's required by           and where to post it -      Post me your stone or pebble -      Payment will be requested once I've seen the stone and am confident it's possible to cut -      I'll send it back to

Special stones

I found all these stones in the same spot, which is weird as the beach around the corner, just 1km away has a really boring selection with very little of interest in terms of variety. All the stones are very round including the large boulders, it’s a very nice place to visit. I’m not the only person to have picked up a shiny wet stone to marvel at the delicate white lines to pop it in my pocket and take home to add to the collection, only to find it has dried and turned a dusty, pale grey. Happily, after years of working with Caithness Flagstone and now, experimenting with beach and river pebbles, I have figured out a way to create a fine pendant that looks contemporary and isn’t just a stone with a hole in it. I can polish them up to regain their lustre that initially enticed me to pick it up.  Click here to buy I feel privileged to be tasked with the job or creating jewellery, whether it be cufflinks or pendants and stud earrings, from stone that holds such importance to my clients.

Miniature Caithness landscapes

Minature pictures all for sale at Caithness Horizons christmas exhibition opening on thursday night 7th december at 5-7pm. All mounted and wrapped in a clear sleeve. Inly £15! For a special christmas gift from me to you.
Looking out of my window is a treat every day. I never get tired of the changing colours of the sea. This photo was taken mid summer, in the evening and the bay looked like a mill pond. I try to enhance the different shades of grey with the different stones I find by using various polishing techniques and finish off rubbing the stone with olive oil. It's nice to add some essential oil to the mix for an added sensory experience.  Two pieces that recently sold, the necklace to a German tourist who was visiting Scotland by cruise ship. The other to a local lady with a love for Caithness.