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Life Drawings

More new ideas just started - I have a collection of photos of life drawings that were sold at the Compass Gallery, Glasgow in 2000 when I graduated, they are A0 in size. I thought this might be an exciting idea to explore using the photographs and also the ones that are left in my portfolio. This example is A4 size but I definately plan on scaling it up.

Country Living Kitchen Table Talent Awards

Just announced today that I am the proud winner in the Artist category of the Country Living Magazine Kitchen table Talent awards. Very exciting and looking forward to talking with The Lemon Street Gallery in Truro. To view my guest blog for the magazine visit

Camster cairns

On a recent trip up North to visit mum and dad we visited Camster Cairns - a 5000 year old building that can be entered through a 2 foot high tunnel into a chamber, not for the faint hearted, the midgies were out in force too!


I've used handmade card in this picture to add some tone.

A vintage black frame

I have just sprayed a chunky vintage frame with the same gloss paint used on my bespoke red Deer antlers. Against a new picture just finished, it has given the picture a dark moody feel. This is an old house built from Caithness stone near mum and dads on the way to Loch Calder.


The Swallows are back to their favourite spot on the telephone line, love their happy chirps!