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Finished work

Heron Loch More Raven Fishing Boat Old Caithness building This is the new work finished for christmas, mounted in Antique White and left unframed. Each piece is uniquely constructed and developed from my own drawings using iron wire. Due to the nature of the construction no piece can be exactly duplicated.
23ct Gold leafed Red Deer Antlers, has been mounted on a stained beechwood shield since photo was taken. You can purchase this one-off piece on my online shop Lindsey-Bain-Gallacher - Free Webstore

Bartering and Beachcombing

On our recent weekend away in Embo, I've been teaching the boys the skills of beachcombing and more importantly giving a good sales pitch to sell me there wears! Some lovely broken pieces of pottery that I hope came from the neighbouring Dunrobin Castle. Think I was a bit generous giving them £4 each for a handful of pieces of glass!


Should have been working..... Sarah kindly took a less than flattering photo of me at the top of the red run at wolftrax, the view in the background is where monarch of the glen was filmed.

new wirework

I've been busy working on new wire pictures for christmas taken from drawings of birds that I see on my morning dog walk and the boat and caithness building from a recent visit to mum and dads.

A new design for the kiltpin

I have set a slice of Red Deer antler next to the kiltpin to represent the shinty ball. Next plan is to set stones such as Topaz, Garnet and Peridot to add uniqueness and colour. To make an enquiry about this kilt pin or to purchase the plain silver caman kiltpin, you can visit my online shop - Lindsey-Bain-Gallacher - Free Webstore