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A dipper

Have been making a number of bird sculptures on driftwood recently, this one is now sold but I'm happy to make something similar in any bird that you want, although I imagine a crane or heron might be a little top heavy, but then I do like a challenge!

Unfinished Caithness croft by the sea

There is still dispute over the location of this house as I have used a photo on this occasion to draw the picture of the house and the owner insists it's on the Causewaymire, u am still to find said house!! I combined an outdoor sketch of the wall in the foreground from near bridge of Westfield. There is a mixture if wire, pastel, crayon, acrylic and linseed oil. I love this rusty orange roof and the Caithness Flagstone walls.  Still to be attached and framed.

Corrour Bothy

This is one of Scotland's most popular bothy in Lairig Ghru and I've just had the image made into coasters that can be bought at The Black Rock Gallery

Robin on a Post

A one-off piece made from a drawing used for a fine wire piece, sold the other day!

Corrour Bothy at Lairig Ghru

Raven on the Wildcat post

The Bothy

I've been experimenting with coloured wire, can you notice them? And do you think it works?

Another house that no longer exists

A recent commission just finished and posted off to a customer who wanted a lasting memory of the house that has now been demolished to make way for their new build.


I've done a few Lapwings but each one has it's own personality, this one has a Caithness background

Woven basket with local materials

I love weaving and all things created by hands, and would like to learn a bit more on the subject.  I did a short course at ECA in the tapestry department and sometimes think this was where I should have studied. So when Elaine Bruce came into the gallery a few months back, after a chat about this and that, it was great to find out she had knowledge of not only weaving techniques but actually the usage of local materials that were no longer used and in danger of extinction in some cases.  I asked her if she'd make something for me to display and sell in the gallery and today she arrived with this lovely basket.  All the materials have been collected, dried and treated first by Elaine. She has used a variety of weaving techniques including one using rush which used to be used to make halters for horses.  Materials include, fern, rush, grass, moss, bark larch and are held together using a twine made with nettle.  I think you'll agree this is not only something beautiful and use

Swallows on wire

Blue tit on a fence

Lybster harbour

This is a favourite of mine. £250


  It's been pondered on for a while now but disciplined myself for the last few days to finish it off. I like the darkness of the thick trees behind.  This wee house is just past the campsite on the path that takes you to up into the hills and is actually surrounded by birch seedlings and a tall deer fence, but the fact that it's protected by this fence I think makes it more precious...

House at Glen Banchor

  This picture is now sold

Robin on a post

This framed artwork is £50

Caithness croft

This is a house located very near my parents house at Bridge of Westfield, I love the flagstone wall especially and the windswept tree.

Newtonmore in Gaelic ring

This fabulous ring was made by todays workshop student Lydia, Baile Ur an t-Sleibh is the gaelic for Newtonmore (I hope!) I promise not to plagerise this ring Lydia but it's tempting!