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Special stones

I found all these stones in the same spot, which is weird as the beach around the corner, just 1km away has a really boring selection with very little of interest in terms of variety. All the stones are very round including the large boulders, it’s a very nice place to visit. I’m not the only person to have picked up a shiny wet stone to marvel at the delicate white lines to pop it in my pocket and take home to add to the collection, only to find it has dried and turned a dusty, pale grey. Happily, after years of working with Caithness Flagstone and now, experimenting with beach and river pebbles, I have figured out a way to create a fine pendant that looks contemporary and isn’t just a stone with a hole in it. I can polish them up to regain their lustre that initially enticed me to pick it up.  Click here to buy I feel privileged to be tasked with the job or creating jewellery, whether it be cufflinks or pendants and stud earrings, from stone that holds such importance to my clients.