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3rd attempt with scrabster harbour

Still not completely happy with this picture, always wanting to add more mixed media but not far away from the finished idea. I've been looking at quotes to go with harbours, boats, sailing and lifeboats; the same few keep coming up but none appropriate for what I'm trying to say! Suggestions would be gratefully received.

Another Scrabster sketch

There are a few glaring mistakes in yet another quick watercolour sketch, tomorrow I shall commit to drawing one that takes longer than an hour! Perched on the grassy cliff top sketching with pen to get the proportions right before the wind gets too much. It's important to draw from real whenever possible to get a lively feel. The difference in this picture us the way the watercolour has been absorbed by the cartridge paper - very different from watercolour paper...


My boys have discovered the love of fishing off the pier and now we are blessed with fresh fish most days.  I just need them to learn how to gut, fillet and cook them and carefully dispose of the stinky entrails!

Watercolour sketch of Scrabster Lifeboat

Planning on creating some artwork to make into coasters etc for fund raising for Scrabster RNLI This is the first quick sketch and colour in ...

Rosehip sketches

A quick watercolour sketch of the rosehips in my garden and underneath a development of that drawing using handmade paper and pinhole tracing the outlines

Day two of the seaweed challenge

Today's attempt I think is much better, developed from the cormorant sketch...

Seaweed art

A new concept I think? (I've googled the term and can't find anyone who does anything similar - it would be good to find out!) looking forward to what I might be producing once I've got the hang of using the material 

Female Eider sketch


Drawing of the day, cormorants can be seen from the coastline around Scrabster

Things of interest on the morning dog walk

A collection of photos from this mornings dog walk, picking up seaweed for various projects with the help of Paddy who kept the birds at bay while rolling in something stinky!