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Showing posts from September, 2016

Big bracelet

This bracelet is not for the faint hearted but still very nice to wear.

Slivers of stone

Another experimental piece discovering the qualities of this temperamental stone!

Large pendant

I received a new core drillbit today and just had to rush out to the workshop to try it out. There are holes everywhere now!

Pendant in the stone

You can't mistake the qualities of Caithness stone in this piece. I hope you can see the playfulness and fun I've had blurring the lines between art and jewellery.

Made exhibition

Looking forward to showing my work from 28th September at Thurso Art Gallery with 7 other makers. This new collection of work I have been creating for the past few months is the first time I've used inspiration from family and my local surroundings, hopefully it will resonate with visitors to the gallery. The exhibition will then move onto Wick.