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Showing posts from April, 2008

Paddy has arrived!

This is our new pup called Paddy only 7 weeks old. A Patterdale Terrier and the height of nonsense!
The Capercaillie has finally been attached to it's final resting place! It's taken a lot of trial and error to find the right surface to show off the wire - difficult when the bird is black and so is the wire. One of the monkeys grabbing a bite to eat. They really are the most difficult animals I've drawn as they do not stop for a second!

Feeding time for the Snow Monkeys

Just trying out some ideas for framing etc
We stumbled across these recently on a visit home. They were created by school children using the rubbish washed up on Dunnet Beach in Caithness.

Fine Silver Pleated Brooch

This is a brooch made recently that is made of Fine Silver. I've developed a technique where Icrease the silver to create the look of fabric.

The big one's done!

Capercaillie, drawn at the Wildlife Park then recreated using blackened iron wire - barely have the use of my fingers now!

View from our window

A' Chailleach looking splendid!