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Another Caithness house!

Ready and hanging in The Black Rock Gallery - I love this one!

My website You can now commission me through my website to create a piece of wire art from your child's drawing.  Here is an image of the natural oak frame used if you choose to have it framed.

we love our holidays...

Guess the airline :) Lewis loves aeroplanes as they take him on holidays, dad doesn't like them as they take him to work...

How to kickstart a dragon

This is a drawing by Lewis when he was in P1-2 (?) where he had to draw a picture relating to the story they'd just read in class - 'How to kickstart a dragon'.

kids drawing done in wire

Very cute drawing, another by Sam (Lewis isn't the most enthusiastic artist in the family!) Here I have added colour by cutting out pre-painted card and glued to replicate some but not all the colour in the original.  in Brighton will soon be taking orders for commissions and there will be three different prices depending on the complexity of the pictures. Hope you like!

An easy way to shop

If you want to purchase one of my pictures or enquire about any other you've seen click on this link to visit my online shop

Pittenweem Harbour

Pittenweem Harbour, one of my favourite pieces

Country living fair London

This was the fabulous big stand we, the Kitchen Table Talent winners were given at London's Country Living Spring Fair. I had the saturday slot and had so many lovely comments from everyone who came up to talk to me, thank you for that. Lots of interesting lessons have been learned from my experience and especially my travel arrangements where one suitcase with heavy glass is not the best solution!

Wire picture from children's drawing

This is a drawing by my son Sam, I have faithfully copied it using wire and attached it to a hardbacked board that has been painted with acrylic paint. I think you'll find this is a brilliant and original way to immortalise a kids special picture for ever more, it won't fade and will always be enjoyable to look at. For those who are interested in commissioning me to make one of your own child's pictures, please send me an email and we can discuss details. I will also be selling through where they will be taking commissions for child drawing pictures

Jewellers Tools

Taken from drawings of tools I did at college If you would like to purchase any of these pictures you can visit my online shop Lindsey-Bain-Gallacher - Free Webstore

London skyline

It took a while and a bit wonky but good fun to do!