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This is Xeppo, one of the Forest Reindeer

Feeding time

The Stag spends all day keeping the females in check, but the second they see food they're off!
Something a little different from my usual!

Today's Drawing

A quick sketch of one of the wolves
This is my workshop where it all happens, jewellery, drawings, paperwork ...

Happy Easter

Our creation for today!
I've scanned this drawing in then used paintshop to add a bit of colour. I entered this picture into the National Park exhibition - the Folk Park is our boys most popular place to visit (every week if they had their choice!)
Some test pieces of the bison - work in progress!


These pictures are made from iron jewellery binding wire. Although it is an easy metal to use, it does have a mind of it's own! If possible, I like to use one continuous piece of wire to make the whole piece. More complicated pictures require numerous lengths of wire.