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I have now confirmed the date for my exhibition, it will start on 4th August 2008. As yet there is no end date. This is Eskimo, a Tundra Reindeer. He has fabulous antlers that don't fall off when they should do, poor Eskimo can't participate in the rutting season!

Moonwalk 2008

Here I am in front of the big pink tent before we and 12,000 others, set off on our midnight, 26 mile jaunt round Edinburgh. A very cold night where only the mad went without warm layers! That bra took 3 nights to make and 25 metres of ribbon! each loop hand stitched. 8 hours later, a 40 minute wait for a toilet and a beautiful sunrise we finished with a very impressive blister on the sole of my foot but generally in a good mood! For those of you who don't know my friend Nicola, she invited a few friends along to join her (approx. 20!) to raise funds as her mum Jean, is fighting the battle of Breast Cancer. If you like you can still sponsor me, just go to An excellent thing to take part in, and hard going but when you cross the finish line it's fantastic. It's definately not a 'jolly' as many of the poor people escorted back in the ambulance will tell you and our Marathon runner friends have said it's mentally more difficult