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Feeding time for the Snow Monkeys

Just trying out some ideas for framing etc


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Bleach and ink drawing

Today's weather is so bad today, I've been sitting at the kitchen table trying out yet more techniques. I love using ordinary household bleach, watered down to lighten Quink Ink. The line drawing is initially drawn using fine line permanent pen which isn't affected by the bleach. Best to water it down first to give different variations in shades.
Looking out of my window is a treat every day. I never get tired of the changing colours of the sea. This photo was taken mid summer, in the evening and the bay looked like a mill pond. I try to enhance the different shades of grey with the different stones I find by using various polishing techniques and finish off rubbing the stone with olive oil. It's nice to add some essential oil to the mix for an added sensory experience.  Two pieces that recently sold, the necklace to a German tourist who was visiting Scotland by cruise ship. The other to a local lady with a love for Caithness.

Weaving with kelp

Experimenting with kelp at the moment, hoping to do some weaving but noticed that moisture in the air softens the kelp, love the translucence